Excursion Details

Flight Duration: 20-30 minutes.
Included: Transfer, Insurance, Pre-flight Briefing, Tandem Flight with a highly experienced pilot.
No special skills and previous experience are required! Only Your wish to get off the ground and soar above it like a bird.
Paragliding (from the words "parachute" and "gliding") is a foot-launched, non-motorized type of flying. It's an adventure sport popular with people who enjoy soaring through the sky on a paraglider. The pilot seats in a harness suspended below a hollow fabric wing, which is usually made of rip-stop nylon and attached to the harness by Kevlar lines. Wing designs may vary, but are formed by two layers of fabric connected so they form cells to trap incoming air and keep the wing inflated. Paragliders can be single or double (tandem). Tandem flight is a best opportunity for the first flying experience - all control and responsibility for the flight takes an experienced pilot while passanger enjoying the spectacular views. Normaly pilots prefer to start on the slopes of mountains and hills strictly against the wind. In still air paraglider plans - moves forward and down at the same time, allowing to enjoy the flight in full force.
Paragliding center of Alanya is located on the Cleopatra Beach. From there You'll drive up the hill to the start point of the flight - 800 mt above sea level. It'll take about 20 minutes. After pre-flight briefing Your free-flying adventure will start. 20-30 exciting minutes of tandem flight will give You an unforgettable experience. You'll have enough time to enjoy the beauty of Taurus Mountains and Alanya coastline before gently landing on Cleopatra beach.

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